Sunday, June 5, 2011

AWARE Center Activities

Since the heat has hit Kuwait it's time for some indoor activities. The AWARE center is a perfect place for monthly activities and every week they hold a dwaniya or gathering at their center discussing various topics pertaining to Kuwait or the Middle East. If you are interested in learning about cultural differences than you might be interested in the following date.

AWARE Center:
"Diwaniya: Westerners and Arabs:
Viewing one Another Tuesday, June 7 , 7p by Sharifa Carlo
Cultural differences do exist between Arabs and westerners. Westerners adopt direct communication, emphasize action and value function whereas Arabs prefer indirect communication, emphasize relationships, & value form. Understanding & acknowledging these differences is a step towards positive co-existence and cooperation. Shariffa is an English Instructor teaching at the COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGICAL STUDIES, Kuwait."

You can contact the AWARE center via my blog link. Enjoy!

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