Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The girth of America

Ever since the cancellation of private vehicles on base people have been taking the bus from park and ride area. I can say that the average waisteline of the American people has expanded significantly. How did these people pass CRC? They have to realize we are riding on little Indian made buses which are not very big in the first place.

Yes, big people need love too and so forth but come on we all want to ride comfortably on the bus without having to worry about someone's butt cheek laying on top of you. Also for all of you heavy smokers eww! It's such a lovely aroma of ashtrays on the small bus. I had a woman sit beside me and her left butt cheek molded around my leg and elbow. BMI index anyone?

For all of you guys out there who think it's ok to push people in order to get on the bus you suck. The second night catching the bus left 40 or more people waiting to get on. It was a mad rush to the bus and grown men were pushing and shoving. Really guys? Chivalry is dead on Camp Arifjan.

So tonight we loaded up the bus because the driver said we would go to the park and ride. Even though I thought it was the wrong bus I also thought he was helping us out because we had been waiting in the dust for a bus. WRONG! He took us to the parking lot of the FN gate which is NO where near the park and ride. Thank goodness there was a line of buses going out so we caught a ride with one of the company buses. Damnit why do they shake their head yes when they have no idea what's going on?

The guys wanted to kick his butt but I just wanted to go home. The good ole' days of getting off at 6:30 are gone. Thanks FN guys for whining and complaining now we have to be late as hell to get home. I drive 180 and get home late so I can only imagine what time the bus riders get home. Long days of contracting.........


  1. At least AJ gets shuttles from the gate to base. Not on Buehring! AJ is a resort compared to Buehring. BUT, I do feel ya on the smell of smokers.

  2. Yeah, compared to Buehring it is really a resort, I remember traveling there back in 05 and it sucked. Is the drive still the same, a 2 laned road and then take a right and drive through the middle of the desert?


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