Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are people really that ignorant?

Ahhh finally a day off. Well sort of, I have to do medical for my new job but at least no visa run like last week. Whe I sit and think about the people I work with I just can't believe the way they actually think about the Middle East, Islam and Arab people. When I try to explain to them they gang up on me and start a debate.

I was asked about Islam and something in particular about the Prophet (PBUH). There are a couple guys who converted to Islam but still don't know details so I answered the guy's question. He proceeded to rant and rave about he couldn't understand why and so on. I just gave up. People who are ignorant and don't expand their horizons just want to make an argument not understand.

Yesterday some of the guys, mind you I work with 12 guys from different backgrounds but none worldly educated. There are the ones who have just arrived to Kuwait, the new guy who brags about his Chinese hookers, the weirdo who reads his book upside down and the couple guys who are Muslim, one married to a bedoon and one married to a Kuwaiti. Anyhoo the guys started talking about the "Kuwaiti taxi drivers" I was like no, not every man you see outside is Kuwaiti.

The majority you deal with are Asian expats. There are also different kinds of Arabs from different places. His answer was "they're all the same to me, I can't tell the difference." WTH? You people are serious? It's all I can do to listen to them talk about bs. If I say anything to educate them they want to argue or make fun. I can see why the world has so many problems. People in the states can't tell the difference between Asians and Arabs so they just put them all together as one. It reminds me of when I lived in California, I knew a guy who was from El Salvador and he would get pissed off and fight with someone if they called him Mexican. The same applies here as Lebanese for example would not like to be called Kuwaiti as they are totally and completely different.

Ignorance is the reason for so many problems. If people would learn about other nationalities and religions there wouldn't be so many problems. I just try to bite my tongue and just listen to the stupid things the guys at work say. I can't wait to get to my new job and leave them behind.

I think during their inprocessing they should give a lesson on the different kinds of people who live in Kuwait. Anything to help stop the ignorance.


  1. honestly that is the case across the board! There is a lot of ignorance and especially for people who have not traveled out side of the US!

    Its sad but at least you are trying to inform them!

  2. Kuwaiti for life and proud.

  3. You have said a lot of true things. It is very unfortunate the level of ignorance we have.


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