Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My apartment building is Ghetto

Most of the apartment buildings I've lived in have been decent. But this building I've been in since I came back from the states is slowly turning into the projects. Majority of apartment buildings don't allow just anyone to move in they set standards. Some people might not like it but it's Kuwait and most people do what they want.

Not the case for my building. I think they allow any and everyone to move in. I moved into the building a couple years ago when it was brand new and the people living there at the time were decent. Had to move out, then moved back in recently. Now it's filled with some ghetto people. Directly under my apartment is a Kuwaiti family who allow the 6 kids to do whatever they want with no control. One time I was bringing groceries home and a can of soda fell out of the box and by the time I turned around to get it the Kuwaiti kid took it and ran off.

Another time I was pulling into the parking and the same family of kids were sitting on the cars and when I got out they yelled at me and when I said something back they cussed me. They are like a little gang of thugs and they will cuss any adult who talks to them.

Last night I was rudely awaken by the sounds of kids screaming around 11 pm. I open my window and it's the ghetto kids downstairs screaming and talking to the kids on the balcony beside my window. Yelling at them to quiet down did nothing. I had to go down to the haris and complain. WTH? Why do some Kuwaiti families not control their kids? My sister saw their baby brother playing on the balcony and he almost fell. Mind you it's not really a balcony, it's just an edge that's about a foot wide with a metal gate around it.

Most people store their crap there but the kids beside my window stand outside and yell from it. They also don't realize that even though the windows are tinted, at night people can see everyone in the apartment. Young girls dancing and playing around. It seems as if there is no man in the house because they act like animals. Do they not go to school? Why are 6 year old kids yelling at midnight?

I think I'm going to buy floodlights and put them outside my window or buy a stereo system with huge speakers and blast System of a Down or Rob Zombie. Maybe that will shut them up. We live in the Mahboula/Abu Halaifa area which explains why the people in my building are ghetto.


  1. Well i guess you should give me your location so i come a shut them up as i have my own tricks lol ;)
    Btw, i sent you an email few minutes ago on the "contact me" email address your povided. Looking forward to your reply :)
    It's Ali

  2. God help you indeed! I bet you any money they are from AL AZMI tribe. This is typical of their behaviour - feral and inbred. And am sure the parents are as bad!!

  3. The crazy kids are black but the ones across from me could be Azmi or Enezi..... who knows but typical of my area.

  4. I am sorry but it is rude to talk about the kuwaiti families, as I am from the Enezi Family and we are a very respectful family and do not do any of this garbage that you are speaking of. Al Azmi family are the first people to step foot in Kuwait so please be careful of your words. You Would NOT want the whole tribe of Enezi and Azmi to come with a faz3a. Just Saying...

  5. First of all if you read closely I didn't mention any Kuwaiti family names so back the f up. Are you going to come after me on camel or riding in a 1-8? Perhaps you will chase me down in your 1978 skyline or datsun 280 zx?


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