Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Car crash involving our Guys

A couple of weeks ago one our FN buses was involved in a really bad accident. As told to me by one of my co-workers the Kuwaiti guy in the GMC was going 200+ km and came up on his car in the fast lane, the Kuwaiti guy went to the right, clipped another SUV and crashed into the back of the bus. The bus driver tried to gain control until he hit the curb and the bus fell on it's side injuring 30 workers.

The Kuwaiti guy died instantly, several people tried to put out the flames but the car suddenly blew up. The guy's body was later removed in two pieces, half from the front seat and the other half from the backseat. I read about a similar accident in Arab Times but it said the guy was Asian. Maybe a different accident on the 30?

Slow down people!


  1. Your bus drivers drive around KWT like bats out of hell. Try putting a 'How am I driving?' sign with a phone number on it so we can call your company to report them. AND tell them to stay in the far right lane.

    1. You must be a d@mn Kuwaiti. Always the first to blame expatriates for the sh!t you cause. I have yet to see an ASIAN drive fast here in Kuwait. They value their lives unlike you fools. How do I know this? Because you drive around while your children are playing soccer in the back seat or surfing on the dashboard. Go back to riding camels so the streets will be safer.

  2. They are subcontractors provided by our sponsor KRH. I know they are crappy drivers. They (FN drivers) screw up the roads at 6 am and yes I wish they would all stay in the slow lane, that also goes for taxi drivers.

  3. I agree with Anonymous and Crazy in Kuwait. I am waiting for the day someone pulls one of these drivers out and slaps the crap out of them. The way these guys drive, its bound to happen.

  4. Can any of you read??? The idiot that died was the cause of the accident. Take English lessons you fools and pay attention to how the Kuwaitis and GCC nationals drive around this place. Kuwaitis get so far up your butt on the highway it appears that you have a trailer on your car. Then they have the nerve to flash the lights 100 times expecting you move out of they way even though YOU are traveling 10kmh over the speed limit. Kuwaitis swerve from the left lane all the way to the right just to make an exit. They have NO regard for another persons life. They have NO regards for their lives or their children's lives. No seat belts. Children riding on the dash, playing in the backseat, and sticking their upper torso out of the sunroofs and passenger windows. I have seen MORE normal vehicle accidents that I have seen bus accidents. Wake up and look in the mirror. Pay attention and get off the D@MN phone when you are driving. Buckle your children up and slow the hell down. I cannot wait to leave this sorry selfish country in the dust.


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