Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Three girls in ‘fun’ mode caught naked under ‘Abaya’

Three girls in ‘fun’ mode caught naked under ‘Abaya’:


Police have arrested three girls — a Kuwaiti and two GCC nationals, one of whom is a minor — for wearing no clothes except abayas (the black all covering garment worn by women) at a café in a commercial complex in Salmiya, reports Al-Rai daily.

A small boy reportedly told his mother that he saw a naked girl in the café and the mother then noticed the three girls and called the Operations Department of the Interior Ministry. The three girls told police that they had consensual sex in an apartment, consumed alcohol and got drunk. The girls added that when they regained their consciousness, they came to the café to have coffee.

Police made a phone call to the father of the two GCC girls, but he said he could not come to Kuwait as he was busy. The girls were referred to the Criminal Investigations Department.

Parents need to take care of raising their children with values instead of having the maids raise them. The youth of today are out of control! One has to remember they will be the future leaders of Kuwait.

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  1. Wow!!!!!!!! """Sex ,,drugs ,,in q8"""" most q8 people would deny such things happen in their country.... It just goes to show let's think twice b4 we throw at other countries bcz at the end of the day it might just b in your back yard ,,,, lol


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