Monday, December 5, 2016

Auto works Car Show

My homie who owns the black 64 Impala below invited me to come down and check out this Auto works car show, the first one in Kuwait. I couldn't pass up the chance to see a car related gathering. I love cars, even though as I walked around very few people were interested in helping me, if they only knew that I grew up around low riders and switched to racing in my 20's. 

 It was a pretty cool gathering with several booths offering custom paint jobs, carbon fibre and tons of after market products. There was even an American guy with his booth from my hometown of Riverside.

It's funny how my taste in cars has changed since coming to Kuwait. When I visited the L.A. car shows I used to be in awe of the Lambos and Rolls but now they are just an everyday sight. I do get all giddy when I see an Aventador or a Rolls only to look over and see a tiny chick driving it.

Overall it was a pretty good show with a nice turnout and I hope they make it an annual event. I would like to see more low riders and some kind of show like they do in Cali, we really need a quarter mile track in Kuwait!

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