Saturday, December 24, 2016

Boulevard Kuwait

I work so much these days it's hard to find time to explore new places like I used to. We decided to check out the Boulevard the other night which happened to be freezing but I had to do it for my blog. I was surprised when we pulled up and it was pretty much deserted. I guess the weather kept many away but it seemed as if no one was quite interested in the place.

It is really amazing outside with a lot of trees and a walk path for those fitness folks. We made our way to the mall which was really huge but I didn't feel as if they utilized the space. There were a few shops open which included Sears, Sketchers, Vans and there were still more spaces yet to open. There are two Starbuck's, once inside and one outside on the water which was closed. 

Inside there are a few random restaurants and a restaurant zone outside which has Chili's, 5 Napkins and Asha's Indian restaurant, again there are a lot of spaces for rent or rented and yet to open. It was too cold to explore further and no restaurants that interested me so we left.

I will check it out at a later date during the day to explore more. It's located in Block 8, Salmiya opened from 8am-12am contact: 2571 6376. IG @boulevardq8

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