Monday, March 27, 2017

Flood damage in Kuwait 2017

I slept through the down pour and woke up to highway 40 being unusually crowded for a Saturday. I started seeing some closures, a police car blocking off one of the exits, then I noticed a white car hanging between the road and the collapsed part of it. I got to the base and saw this mud covering the entrance and the concrete barriers moved out of place. When I went on Facebook I finally saw the videos of what had happened while I slept.

 Sea View Complex in the dark and water being pumped from the basement parking

 The Dome mall basement completely submerged, I really feel sorry for the  Marvel Fit gym owner and the owner of the martial arts school that is under the water. They had some new expensive equipment and we all know that there isn't any kind of insurance and hopefully the can get help from the government (eye roll).
 The Light complex has gone dark while they drain the basement parking, our Zafran Indian Bistro invite was cancelled due to the damage

My video of the damage
The last part of the video shows the poor guy who had his Ferrari flooded while he was in the gym.

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