Thursday, March 16, 2017

IMG Worlds of Adventure- Dubai

Last weekend I took the girls to Dubai, I had to visit IMG ride park for myself. It's the largest indoor ride park in the world and it's based on Cartoon Network, Marvel Comics, Lost Valley and IMG Boulevard. My little ones would always have Cartoon Network on so I was familiar with the themes. It's a small park with 22 rides and 28 restaurants and a lot of places to shop. The general admission is 245 dirhams or around 20 KD each, they open at 11 am which is the best time to go as it was empty and we rode everything many times.

My quick video below as I was Snapping everything and didn't take many pictures.
There's also a big roller coaster ride that starts off inside and then a door opens and shoots you outside, my 7 yr old had me ride it four times. We got there right as the door opened and there weren't many people. It was a half day activity, afterwards we went back to Global Village.

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