Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Businesses damaged by the flood

I paid a visit to the Dome mall to check on the clean up after the floods damaged the basement areas and cut off electricity to the remaining business. Here are some of the pictures of Marvel Fit crossfit gym and The Combat Academy after the water was drained. Both of the businesses look like a total loss and I was told the owner of Marvel Fit spent around 350,000 KD for the gym, the good news is the owner of the Dome Mall- Al Tijaria has insurance. The problem is who is responsible? The government for the roads or Al Tijaria because of the loss?

You can see the gym when it was first opened here

 This is the Combat Academy

Until the electricity issue is solved all of the businesses are closed, the two gym and academy may never recover. I do wish them luck in getting paid for their loss and I hope they can re-open some day.

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