Thursday, December 3, 2015

Marvel Fit Box in Dome Mall

I came across this new gym opening up in the Dome Mall in Mahboula next to Kuwait Magic. I figured it was some kind of intense cross fit type and the video I found confirmed my guess. I'm not sure if it is open to women, but I am definitely interested if the price is reasonable.

A video of the gym at their previous location:

They have an IG @marvelfit but I don't see any pictures of chicks. I see some good looking guys which might be ok because a lot of the gym guys are gay, just saying! Don't send me any hate comments when I voice my opinion, 'ain't nobody got time fo dat!'
Phone: 66654669/60733321


  1. Wow Magic Mall still exists. I recall going there for the first time as a kid, it was like traveling to another country.

  2. Yep, it's still there, ghetto as ever :)


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