Saturday, February 17, 2018

Zafran's new Menu

I would like to thank Zafran for their invitation to taste their new menu items which were a great addition to the already flavorful menu they have. 
 This platter is the Zafran feast which includes all new menu items on one plate. There's two types of chicken, fish, prawns, kebob and lamb.
 This one is the fried rawa fish fry with the fish coated in dried coconut and rawa thendeep fried and served with a side of tomato chili chutney.
 Of course the chicken biriyani
And three new dessert items, flourless brownie, saffron rice with milk and a mango frozen ice cream pie.
My favorites were the mustard fish, lamb was good and the saffron rice dessert. You can find more of their menu items on IG @zafranindianbistro

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