Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Qatar Trip 2018 - Souq Waqif

Anyone who knows me will tell you I love Qatar and try to visit as often as I can especially during these difficult days with them being hated by a few GCC countries. I just love the country and the people who live there are so nice which takes some getting used to after living in Kuwait for so long. Our go to place is definitely Souq Waqif, it was the first place on our list as soon as we landed.
 This is the stable area where the horses that are used by the police are kept and you can walk around and see the horses in their stalls
 We had our dinner in one of the Qatari food restaurants, the first time I tried khanfaroosh
 Tribute to the Emir
You can find the food area which are stalls set up by the locals selling homemade food

 I am obsessed with falcons now and Souq Waqif has their own area dedicated to falcons with a falcon hospital as well, you can visit the various shops selling falcons and hold one
 I love the way the old architecture is captured throughout the Souq
There are so many areas to visit which can't be done in one day but come early if you want to see the old Qatari uniformed police riding horseback through the souq.

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