Monday, April 2, 2018

Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center

We took a family trip to the cultural center, first hurdle was getting in, there are three stations by three lines but you have to wait until the first person finishes in order to move which is weird and doens't help traffic flow. The entrance fee is 3KD adults and 2 KD children with other pricing for different situations which you can find on their website.

 It has huge open areas which will be nice in the cooler months
 Really awesome displays and interactive activities for the kids, expect other kids to just push in while yours is playing

 Unfortunately a lot of the computerized displays were not working

 The ones that were working were in both English and Arabic

 It looks like some of the items in the Islamic area are on loan from the Tareq Rajab museum

Overall a great family trip and a must visit for people in Kuwait. You can find mroe information on their website

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