Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quality Net vs Fasttelco- Who sucks more?

I would normally head a post with "which one is better" but since I've moved I found at that they both suck equally. I've had Quality Net for the last two years and the speed was so-so depending on the time of day so I thought I might try out Fasttelco as some were saying it was a better provider. My husband called Fasttelco and chose a package, the guy at Fasttelco told him we could only get 2 Mbp because of the wiring in the new place. He thought it was a nice gesture considering he didn't have to tell us that.

He ordered the package and was told someone would come to set it up the next day. The next day came and no one called or arrived so he called the service center, after a loooong waiting period he got in touch with someone who told him he wasn't in the system and got into an argument with him so he didn't want Fasttelco. We thought we would get better service with Quality Net considering we were with them for two years, wrong! After an hour holding online he got an operator, we set up the new address and he went to the head office to pay.

He was told someone would be out the next day, wrong again. We waited all day for someone to come out and after work I called the service number. First call I waited 40 minutes, no answer, second call I waited 30 minutes, no answer, third call 20 minutes, no answer. Really!? In the two years I've had QN I never called customer service, if I had known what crappy customer service they had I would have never renewed but too late because we had already paid for it. My husband had been calling from his mobile which racked up an enormous bill just sitting on hold. I told him it might be better to just go to the head office.

He waited on hold from the time he left his office until he reached QN and no one ever answered the call. I REALLY wanted to go with him to the head office and complain but he left me home. When he asked the guy about the customer service he couldn't give him an answer but promised we would get our service the next day. The next day came and we waited and waited, finally by 7 pm I had internet! I really don't understand how a company's customer service could suck so badly especially when a customer is calling from a mobile phone and being charged by the minute.

I would have liked to try Fasttelco but their customer service and empty promises made me change my mind. I'm not too happy with QN but I already had my internet box and service which is the ONLY reason I stayed with them. Is there a better internet provider out there?


  1. I am using Viva, and it is adequate despite of the download limitation.

  2. Well there is KEMS and Gulfnet to try...

    I have used FT for two years, and they were fairly reliable a part from the fact that initially I was getting disconnections after a regular interval and after couple of calls one clever technical assistant fixed it for me. I guess customer service is not up to mark for any service provider in Kuwait, it just depends on your luck who you picks up your call at that moment!

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a representative of the Qualitynet support team, We apologize for all the problems you went through and sorry for the inconvenience and we would like you to know that the satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, please provide us with your contact details and send it to so we can let our technical support team contact you and resolve your problem.

  4. We've been using Kems now for a year and will definitely be renewing our subscription with them when our contract is up for renewal in a few days. Speed and price wise, I'm sure there are other companies out there that will provide you a better deal, but we've been happy with them so far. Their customer service has always been great and though I've only had to call them maybe 2 or 3 times, they've always picked up without being on hold for no more than a few minutes. That's always a plus for me as I hate being kept on hold!

    I should probably add that the reasons we were calling them were not for complains, but to find out info like their new packages, how to set a password, etc. We're happy customers with no complaints so far. (fingers crossed it stays that way right?)

    Why don't you give them a try if you're that unhappy with your current provider? Btw, I don't work for KEMS.. just giving you an honest opinion from my own experience :-)

  5. All telecom/ISPs in Kuwait are like this. Their charges are some of the highest in he world, yet provide really poor service levels (both the service being provided and the customer support).

    I used to use Zain's wireless internet once upon a time. I used to keep calling about the really poor speeds, and once got the excuse that "it must be the building materials with which your apartment was constructed causing poor speeds".

  6. Yeah, I know what you mean, once upon a time I used Wataniya and was told there weren't enough poles giving off signals in Fintas so until they built more stations the service would suck.

  7. Zajil is the best ISP in Kuwait.. much less blocked sites than Qualitynet and other ISPs.

    I never had any problem with accessing sites with Zajil and I've been using it for 4 years.

  8. i have been using KEMS for 4 years now..they just rock..always good support and never had to call them with the same complaint in a short period.

  9. I might have to switch to another company, I've been w/o service for 5 days now because they blame the MOC and the MOC blames them and I'm caught in the middle with no service. I asked to speak to a manager and was told he would call me, that was yesterday...still no call.


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