Monday, May 28, 2018

Ahmadi Food Complex

I took my mom and kids to visit the Ahmadi park and zoo provided by KOC and stopped by the new complex to see if it had opened or not. Pinkberry, Starbucks and IHOP are open while Raisin Cane's and Blaze Pizza are due to open soon. There's an entrance on the side where the security gate is, I'm assuming it's open for everyone not just KOC employees. 

 The restaurants are divided into sections

 There's a water fountain and park within close proximity of the complex

On the opposite side is a TSC express store. I will be glad when Raising Cane's opens up so I don't have to drive to Jabriya. KOC is always taking care of their employees and the Ahmadi housing area surrounding their offices, I miss working there.

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  1. Raising Cane's started delivery, through Talabat I believe


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