Wednesday, May 2, 2018

HIjab and Kuwaiti discrimination in Kuwat

This is what happened when I applied for an admin job with a new nursery in Egaila, not only does she discriminate against women wearing hijab like myself but also against Kuwaiti children and yes, she is Kuwaiti as well.

It seems like this is the new norm for young Kuwaiti youth, that being religious and wearing hijab is not an 'in' thing these days, as the fashionistas show everyone how cool it is to show off their whole life to people who don't have money or fame. They lure the youth of today to do what ever it takes to become cool and rich on the surface.


  1. That's a disgrace

  2. Wow, another school requesting employees to not wear a hijab? Whatever happened to religious freedom?

  3. Disgraceful .... If this was happening in some remote part of Texas maybe I could understand ... but in KUWAIT!! Very shameful


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