Thursday, January 23, 2020

Prfct Boutique

Dear reader,

A little about me…

I am a student looking for a change. I have always had a devotion for beautiful clothing in any color or shade.

As a little girl, I spend countless hours in my little dressing room trying all my clothes and putting together cute outfits; and to be honest, nothing has really changed.

I hope that prfct Boutique could provide little girls and women a place to collect inspiration and styling tips.

prfct Boutique is owned by me Celina, living in Kuwait but with love and hope for the world. I would like to prove to you that you can wear cute and trendy outfits without leaving a damaging mark on Mother Nature.

With this in mind, I am striving to be as non harmful as possible while loving used and previously loved clothing that has been fixed and refurbished to meet its full potential.

All of my earnings will go towards kids with cancer, so I think about these little boys and girls, while pitching our fun new loved clothing.



This is from a student who started this IG page for a school project, show some support :)

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