Monday, January 25, 2010

Ladies Gyms in Mahboula Area

I live in the Mahboula (which means crazy lady in Arabic) area, the ghetto of Kuwait. When I moved here 6 years ago people in Salmiya didn't even know where it was and those who did cringed at the thought of living here. Oh well I liked it because there wasn't alot of traffic back then but flash forward to today and it is getting to be the same as Salmiya. I guess it's called "progress". The traffic and people have grown but the up keep of the area still lacks. Holes in the road that will swallow your car. No water, only trucked in water that is full of God knows what. It's really bad for my hair but what to do.

Anyways let's talk about the gyms available here for women. I know most westerns are contractors and live in furnished buildings with gyms and pools but for those of us that are just normal folks living day to day we have to find a gym outside.

Not too long ago a sheikha opened up Pilates and more on the corner of Mareena Towers. I must say it is a really nice gym with new equipment and employees who actually know what they are doing. At that time the full package was 360 kd which included massages, vibrating equipment that's supposed to help you tone, I found it only shook up what I already had. They had classes and free water which was cool. Then I got pregnant and my membership ended. Now that I'm ready to get back I went there to see how much the membership was now. Drum roll please........... it's now 640 kd for a year. Gasp! That doesn't include the 40 kd membership fee, I was told I could talk to the manager for a discount because I was a member before. How much does that account for 5 kd? You can take one month for 80 kd "cough".

My sister told me about Body Style gym in Alia and Ghalia towers. I went to check it out. You have to go down to the basement so be careful of the stairs they narrow at the end. To the right is the men's gym and to your left is the women's side. Well the staff is not nearly as professional as Pilates and the gym is so humid you break a sweat just walking in. So the equipment is like 20 years old and some machines don't work but hey for 40 kd a month and 110 kd for 3 months what do you expect? They have a spa and a jacuzzi but I don't think I will be using them, they don't have the feeling of cleanliness ew! I'm just thinking of the 40 kd per month so I will overlook that. The staff, which are philipino kinda look at you with a blank stare when you ask them questions and it takes a couple tries to understand them but being in Kuwait for so long I can understand just about any accent. I ended up joining to give it a try and because it's cheap. I find it better to go in the morning, they open up at 9.

I know there is also the gym at the Hilton but I think it's co-ed so I don't want my goodies shown to strange men. The gym is small but the equipment is pretty good. I think it's around 450 kd a year but I'm not 100% sure. I just hate going through the security check and having to answer the "where are you going" question from the Egyptian guy. Sometimes I tell them I'm going to McDonald's just to have them think about it for a minute, mean I know but fun. I had a massage at the Hilton which was pretty good. They ask me if I'm staying at the hotel, if I gave them some random room number would they charge it to their account? I decided to pay cash and be on my way. The massage was 20 kd that was a couple years ago, I'm sure the price has increased as everything in Kuwait has been inflated.

If anyone has any other gym suggestions let me know and I will post them for everyone to see.



  1. this thing on? a7em a7em First time using this thing. So anyway....WHATS UP CRAZY? Hopefully in the next few months champions will open in Mahboula. Supposed to have a woman's section. I have a meeting with the hounds of hell now. I finally found you here so I will be hanging around heheeheh Take Care XOXO Kuwait411 lol that's a good 1.

  2. heya crazy nice topic, well u r alone, im alone and kuwait is alone

  3. hello Crazy,
    I moved to kuwait 3 months ago and i gained almost 10 kilos, am getting crazy i've never been so fattttt b4, am searching for a club, i called flec's like 110 KD per month...the prices are crazy ... Am lebanese ... in ma country the most expansive gym there is about 80 KD a month...Please if u have new gym suggestions i would really appreciate it

    1. Challenge4ladies is a gym in mahboula with reasonable prices and they provide zumba and yoga classes too

  4. wow LOL
    are you people serious?
    you have a beautiful view of the water
    go running on the beach
    that is the best cardio .. to lose any kind of fat
    get pretty decent shoes and start
    no need for gyms ..they are a waste of money

  5. Hello there, I just found this blog because Im planning to go to Kuwait. I find it very interesting, Thank you.
    I dont know if you still looking for an info about some gyms, but they recently have opened Missoni Hotel in Salmiya and in couple months there will be opening of Six Senses Spa&Wellness, maybe it will help, even I think is a little luxurious. And keep posting ;) Greetings from EU

  6. Wow, All I can say is going to the gym here is for Kuwaiti only, very expensive. I'm thinking maybe it will be good if I buy one equipment that I can set up in my room to do some excersice.

  7. there is a womens gym in Fahaheel ,behind the Gulf mart supermarket.its good with very reasonable charges.i have been going to it now for 3 months.yearly charges are 200 kd.

  8. If ur not enjoying living in this country, why r I still staying there??

  9. lol! the smile went to my ears very widely! i enjoyed reading your blog girl.

  10. Any new updates about gym for women nearly fintas .friendly price

  11. The only other fitness place near Fintas is Curves for Women in Bairaq Mall in Egaila. It's a 30 minute workout on different machines.


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