Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Payless in the Avenues

I was totally excited when Payless shoe store opened in The Avenues. My family and I went there when it first opened. We were checking out the shoes and the prices. I was telling my sister that the prices were just a little bit more expensive than the states. All of the sudden the British manager of the store jumps into our conversation to let us know that the prices were the same as the states and was going on about the shoes. What does he know about the states and why did he feel the need to jump into a private conversation. How rude! How Payless has grown I can remember when shoes were no more than 8 or 9 dollars now they have some different brands and are much much more expensive now. Another "progress" story?

Payless has opened up another location in Salmiya next to Sultan center in the BHS store. I wish one day I would see a Wal-Mart popping up here, fat chance but something to wish for. Even India has one, it's not the same as the states but at least they have it. How about Waffle House? Simple setting with great food. In n Out from Cali oh yah! I would even settle for a Carrefour in this area, I like that store but again it is soo far away. Considering the jamiyas (Arabic grocery store)are raising their prices and have little variety I'm sure Carrefour would work out here. Sultan Center is good of course but the prices are so high. Yes, yes the products are imported I know but 4.500 kd for Parmesan cheese? Ouch.

I'm getting hungry now. Ciao.

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  1. There's a Carrefour in Avenues Mall, no?


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