Sunday, January 24, 2010


Woohoo my first post! Scary thing happened the other night while driving along the 30 from Fahaheel. My husband and I were coming back from the store driving in the fast lane on the 30 heading home. We could see a car flashing his lights like he was crazy, not having anywhere to go we stayed in the lane, the driver decided to go around us in the emergency lane hitting the side mirror and ripping the thing completely off. Well they were in a Range Rover Sport and we were in a typical GMC Yukon. My husband decided to chase after him, unfortunately we learned that night that the Yukon has no huevos. Needless to say he had the pedal to the metal but the poor Yukon could not keep up. We watched the lights of the Range gently disappear. How do you explain that to the police?

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  1. Welcome to Q8--you obviously figured it out quickly--we lived in Mahboula 1996-2000. Thanks for bringing us up to date--as if we had never left! ;-)


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