Sunday, August 22, 2010

I think I miss Kuwait

OMG did I say that I miss Kuwait already? Am I sick? Do I have a fever? I've only been here less than 3 weeks and I kinda miss Kuwait. I grew so lazy living there and now I have to do everything myself. I have to follow the speed limit, pump my own gas and do domestic housework!

Don't let me talk about taxes, boy do they suck. I bought a car that was so expensive compared to Kuwait and then having to pay taxes, registration and insurance. AHHH! Every time I see a police officer I'm totally paranoid they might pull me over. I thought food was expensive in Kuwait, guess I was wrong as I'm thinking it may be more here.

Today thunder hit so hard it turned off the t.v. and I felt it. Scared the crap out of me. Rain, rain and more rain. I like the rain as long as I don't have to drive in it. I love Wal-Mart, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A and Krystals but money goes quick here. Registering for school is complicated here. Being in a small town they look at the transcripts with a blank stare. Is she a foreign exchange student? Nope. Are you in the military? Nope. You lived in Kuwait? Um yeah. I guess it's good that this place is a military town so some people know about traveling but the others just can't understand why I would live there. I won't even begin to explain.

I found an apartment that's so old but still cheaper than California, my hometown. The manager happens to be from California which is one of the reasons I took the place. I can relate to him more than the other Southern folks. The people look at me then look at the kids and then back to me. I feel like a freak sometimes. I guess we are just different being from Cali and Kuwait and not having a southern accent sets us apart. I have to get used to people smiling and being polite. It sometimes catches me off guard and I try to smile but it's hard.

Across the street they are building a couple Habitat for Humanity houses. I've always heard of the organization and now I see them at work. They are mostly teenagers which I think is cool. At least they are staying out of trouble and doing something to help people.

I love the grilling part. Steaks, carne asada and tonight chicken. So much fun.


  1. OH MY GOD!!!!! Quick somebody take a picture of this or print this page and get it stamped by some offical office in Kuwait...hhehehe...the Cali girl has spoken..she misses Kuwait..ohhh hooooo....yes finally....I am sooo happy...cooooooool spend this one year vacation and get your fill then hurry up and come back home..we will be waiting for you and the kids with open arms...we love and miss you...keep those post coming...we miss your humour....luff you.....:)

  2. nice blog and helpful insight for living in Kuwait,am Palestinian / Jordanian & i've been here (in kuwait) for one year.... and i just found ur bplog......... unfortunately you already left and will not post nice thing as usual about kuwait and living there, hope that every things goes ok with you back in the states.

  3. Well, one cannot do but feel the warmth of your blogg deeply.Even somewhere on Dixieland, there is still a space for different people just makes me feel all right that your not desperate at all.May you of all be places be on the highest in the next world.Reading people like you just make me postpond the idea of commiting suicide that I am frequenting for 3 months after comming back home frustrated from a good post in Yemen.

  4. Well I certainly hope you don't commit suicide. Trust me I know how feeling down in the dumps can be. There is always someone who's situation is worse than yours. We are all living a test which is called life. I have had feelings of depression by not finding a job but I continue on hoping I will get something soon.

    You should use your experience in Yemen to pursue a contracting job if you want to work. Never give up as there is something waiting out there for you. One day at a time, right :)


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