Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Made it to the States

Wow what a ride. I hate the trip to the U.S.A. it is so rough. But made it to Florida Alhumdulilah. Things are so different I have to keep remembering. First trip out directly to Taco Bell then to Wal-Mart. That was enough for me as the jet lag quickly caught up with me.

It has rained and I forgot how much I missed the sound and smell of it. Biggest thing to get used to is rules. I'm so used to having everything done for me that I have to remember how to get things done here. So how are things in Kuwait? I'm sure not much has changed except for Ramadan timings.

Ramadan in the states is so much harder than in Kuwait. It's easy when almost everyone is fasting and it seems the days pass by faster in Kuwait. I'm in the Bible belt so everything is Church affiliated. The biggest thing I miss is my maid. I have to teach my kids how to clean but my daughter loves the lawnmower.

Next step is school registration. I think I forgot everything about living in the states. I kinda feel like an outsider. Being in Florida is difficult as I'm originally from California which is completely different than here. People drive so slow and we have to wear seat belts. Wow so many rules to follow.

My daughter called 911 and the police came to the door. How embarrassing was that. I guess she saw it on t.v. and wondered what would happen if she called. I hope everyone in Kuwait is doing good. Once I'm over jet lag I will be able to write on a regular basis. It's overwhelming being a newbie here so stay tuned for more adventures.......

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  1. Ouch that sucks that you miss your maid and you dont miss your mom....:< Well Kuwait misses you as well as your mom :P and family and Chillies misses you....first time during Ramadan that you havent been here at home with us....we all miss you so much..hope things are going great for you in Floria...tell your middle child she better not call 911 unless she needs them... thank GOD grandma wasnt home..heheh...its humid and hot here...same as always...keep your chin up and keep on posting we check it daily...luff you....


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