Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ramadan 2010

Ramadan 2010 is right around the corner which means people will start heading to the grocery stores to stock up on food so beware of the crowds heading to the stores during the early evening hours as it's too hot to go during the day. A lot of stores get empty during this time so start heading out now to get food to last for at least a week until it calms down.

Be prepared for extremely dangerous driving conditions during the sunset hours. People will run over anyone in their path in order to make it home. If you see someone flashing move out of their way immediately as they will not think twice about running you off the road. Things will be calm until around 8 then people head outside so it will get crowded then.

DO NOT eat outside during fasting hours! If you are caught you will go to jail until the end of Ramadan, no questions asked. Even a citizen can report you so don't think you can be slick. Women please dress modestly during this time. Don't bring attention to yourself. Everyone should speak softer too. People who are fasting can be easily irritated.

Of course those who work on base follow base rules. But remember once you leave the Ramadan rules apply. Don't be shocked if you find people not fasting. A lot of them hide out in their offices and do as they please. Majority of people fast but of course there are exceptions. Businessmen who deal with foreign employees tend to relax around them and eat and drink as if it were a normal day.

If you go to a restaraunt before time to break the fast you will have to wait. I've seen people being served before time to break the fast and it irritated me. Remember people are watching and one phone call will have the police at your table. If you don't like the way the country is during Ramadan take a trip back home or to a non-Muslim country. Countries like Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain follow the same rules during Ramadan so it's not a good idea to visit them.

Ramadan is a spiritual month in which people of all classes are living equally. The rich as well as the poor are all the same. We feel the stomach pains of the hungry and we give to the needy. Tents are put up to feed the poor. It's a time for families to visit and spend time together. I love the food during Ramdan as everyone is cooking, even those who never cook during the year.

I will miss the Moroccan food my husbands mom cooks and spending time with my family as I will be moving back home next week due to outrageous school fees. Inshallah I will be back to join my family after some time. I will celebrate Ramadan in the states which is extremely hard especially now with the anti-Muslim uprising there.

To those that apply Happy Ramadan!


  1. Are there any rules as to pregnant women and/or new/breastfeeding moms. What about kids? Do Ramadan rules apply to them?

    Thanks for the information.

  2. Inshallah you will do great on your fasting while in the States, and your family will miss you so very much...:< just be strong and always remember we will always be here for you, waiting for you to come back they say..."home is where the heart is" and your heart is with us....

  3. Great post! IsA u will enjoy Ramadan in the States. You just need to be around a Muslim community.

    Pregnant & breastfeeding women can refrain from fasting if it affects their health or that of their babies. However, they're still adults and cannot be seen eating/drinking in public. The same applies to women who have their cycle. Although they don't fast during their cycle days, they still can't enjoy food/drinks in public before the time of breaking one's fast.

    As for kids, they can still eat or drink. No one will object unless they are grown kids or adolescents.

    Hope that answers your question!

  4. government hospitals working tomorrow or not?


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