Friday, November 5, 2010

The Fair

The Fair came to town during the last two weeks of October. It's something we used to wait for with anticipation when we were kids. I must say it was more expensive than when I was a kid, their sign states that due to high gas prices the prices have increased. Of course I had to take the kids as my youngest hasn't experienced a fair since she grew up in Kuwait.

I get my kids the unlimited ride wristband thinking they would have a great time riding the rides, yeah right my kids turn out to be lazy and afraid. I guess the breakfast we had before going didn't treat my son well after going on one of the spinning rides. His excuse for not riding anything else was his stomach. Kids these days are so different than when I grew up. We used to ride all the rides five or six times while at the fair. Oh well I tried.

After the breakfast settled down some I treated the kids to dipped apples and a fried snickers for myself. I was going to try the fried twinkie but I knew it wouldn't sit well later on. There was so much food to choose from like chicken on a stick to fried alligator. After some rain and 3 hours I gave up on trying to get them to ride anything and called it a day.

I guess the closest thing to a fair or amusement park would be Entertainment City. UAE is building a huge amusement park which I can't wait to visit but not in the summer. Maybe next winter.

Fried Snickers, yes there is a snickers bar in the middle of that!

Roller Coaster

One more roller coaster

The Ferris wheel, not touching that one!


The biggest Indian bull I have ever seen!

These animals were in the petting zoo. Something that you would never find in Kuwait.


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