Thursday, March 17, 2011

I feel like a FREAK!!

I guess no one in Kuwait has seen a chick who messed up her foot. After 5 days I had to go back for a check up (I started off with a half cast but took it off because it sucked). We started off at Adhan hospital. We waved down a guy with a wheelchair(minus the tires) to roll me to the hospital. First step is trying to find where to go. We finally found the office and of course there's a line of people waiting. All they do is STARE! I guess I'm a little freakish with a sore ankle?

As more people gathered I knew it would end up in a fight to get in the door so I suggested we go to a private hospital and avoid the fighting. We went to Seef ( ? spelling) hospital in Salmiya. It's such a nice hospital. I got the have to have a full cast for 2 weeks! Nooooo........! I haven't had a cast since I was 10.

I got some fancy blue cast that looks like a scarf. Instead of wrapping it in bandages it was like a sock, they wet it and pulled over my leg and it hardened into a fiber glass cast. The only bad thing is it is really rough and kind of sharp. I've already scratched my other leg on it. What sucks the most is I received a job offer as a Supply Tech. Ahhhhhh this can't be happening.

If that isn't bad enough I have to start all over since I've been out of the country for more than 6 months. Nooooooooooo!!!!! I look like a total dork limping along beside my husband. With some wasta I was able to get it all done in one day. I started off giving blood. Everyone looked at my face and then straight to my foot. STOP STARING AT ME!!!!! The Indian nurse plunged that needle so hard into my arm I thought I was going to jump up and kick her with my cast. Next step off to the x-ray location. With the manager helping me along I completed that step. Finally finger prints. I love Wasta it makes so much easier to go directly to someone instead of going normally.

Stop STARING at ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I got my walking cast I got rid of my crutches. Thank God for that.

I still feel like a freakshow. My show lasts for another 13 days.

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