Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Suad Al-Humaidi, someone I admire and would love to Meet!

When I first moved to Kuwait I noticed a huge house along Gulf road with a car collection to die for (Mashallah). I've loved cars ever since I was small. I had my 69' Impala with glass packs when I was younger, an 82 Cadillac Coupe Deville and a 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo which I sold when I came to Kuwait.

The house along Gulf road was incredible, every kind of car you can imagine but what really caught my eye was the black Phantom and of course a Murcielago two of my favorite cars in the whole world. After driving the Murcielago here in Kuwait I could never have anything else. The phantom was also cool as hell to ride in but drew too much attention from people which was rather annoying.

I found out the house and car collection belonged to Suad Al-Humaidi an influential Kuwaiti business woman. Wow! I admired her for paving the way for women of Kuwait to be their own business owners and not depend on their male counterparts to help them achieve their goals. I worked at Motorola in Kuwait cityat that time and saw her black Phantom parked, I thought I could wait around and might have a chance to meet her, then I thought maybe she would think I was a stalker or something so I took a picture of her Phantom and used that as my phone's wallpaper for years.

I always look at her house when I drive by hoping to see her. Maybe I'm a dork but I just really like her for some reason. Last night on the way home back from the doctor we stopped at the light in front of her house. Her brand new white Phantom (Mashallah) had it's lights on and was ready to go. The driver and staff was waiting and I hoped the light wouldn't turn green. Out came a houskeeper and some guy and then she came out, Suad Al-Humaidi! Everyone at the light was watching her departure. She looked like the nicest lady.

Finally after 7 years of driving past her house and admiring her car collection I got to see her. If I was alone I might have stopped to say Salam but I'm afraid her security might tackle me or something. I love seeing a strong woman who (Mashallah) has everything.

Yes, I've heard many stories of how she got her money and so on but it's not how she got it but what she did with it. She is ranked #8 on the list of the world's 100 most powerful Arab women as well as 8 other Kuwaiti women.

Here is the link to the list:

The list includes:

Suad Al-Humaidi #8

Maha Al-Ghunaim #13

Sheikha Al-Bahar #15

Dr. Fawzeih Al-Dorai #17

Rola Dashti #29

HH Sheikha Hessa bint Saad Al-Sabah #44

Donna Sultan #52

Riham Fouad Al-Ghanim #53

Manar Al-Hashash #54

Mabrook to the business women of Kuwait!

So if you are ever in Abu Halaifa (yeah right) look me up Ms. Al-Humaidi and I will invite you for tea with my family!


  1. Hi! I just read your blog. I knew her. She was a very kind and gracious lady who would have been very glad to meet you. She liked talking with people. Sad to say Suad al Humaidi passed away on 3 Aug 2017. In her lifetime she did many charitable good deeds and works in Kuwait and abroad, especially Lebanon. She was a very good person.

    1. Yes, my sister sent me the IG post of her burial and it brought tears to my eyes. I can pray for her now :)


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