Monday, August 29, 2011

Kuwait to build safari park-style facility

Ever thought of a safari park in Kuwait? It seems someone has a new idea of building one in Jahra of all places.

I cringe at the thought of this idea, take a look at the poor animals in the zoo. Now the uneducated can bring their kids to an open park and really abuse the animals, target practice probably. The lovely city of Jahra, 'nuff said. I can see the bedoo kids running after some wild animals and riding on the zebras and elephants. I hope this idea gets rejected, for the animals sake.

See article below:

Kuwait is planning to build a new, more humane safari park-style facility, a local daily reported.

The new safari zoo, to the west of Jahra City, will be more modern in design, with the animals allowed to roam freely while human visitors will only be able to travel through it by car or in specially designed trains.

The Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources (PAAFR) is launching the project following widespread public dissatisfaction at the state and conditions of Kuwait's one existing zoo, Kuwait Times reported on Sunday.

"It will be located on a 16,000 square meter site, sixteen times the size of the current zoo," Yousuf Al Najem, the director of Kuwait Zoo, said. "The zoo will be established under the BOT [Build Operate Transfer] system, and will add to the existing entertainment facilities in the country," he said, quoted by the daily.

PAAFR is currently conducting a number of studies on the best layout for the new zoo, he said.

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  1. I absolutely respect that you have your own opinions, but I'm curious as to how you've developed them? Personal experience in Jahra or just hearsay?

    As an American woman who spends a great deal of time in Jahra (the same place the Amir of Kuwait is from), I'm always so disheartened to hear/read people speaking negatively of it -- only to later find out they've never even be there. Surely that's not the case with you?

    If so, it would be such an honor to take you to Jahra one day and show you the real culture that was perhaps missed on your previous trips? It's not a city filled with uneducated people and rotten behaving children. Though of course you'll find that there -- just as you will in any other location in the world. But there's so much positive about Jahra, and you'll encounter the kindest, most hospitable people there as well. I think you would be pleasantly surprised.

    Again, I totally respect your opinions... personally, I wouldn't live in 'lil America' (Mahboula, Mangaf, Fintas, Abu Halifa) for all the money in Kuwait. But you seem perfectly happy there, and that's a wonderful thing. I do wish you all the best.

  2. My mother and sister spent a year working in a school in Jahra and I spent a few months there as well so my opinion is based on how we were treated in that area. There is a friend married to a Kuwaiti living happily in Jahra until she found out her husband had married a Kuwaiti woman and had many kids with her but that's another story.

    If you are completely covered you are ok there but if you don't then you are subjected to visual harassment wherever you go.

    At any rate we all have different opinions and can agree to disagree, if you live within the locals then of you may see it differently but I only like seeing Jahra in my rear view mirror.


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