Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saudi Gazette - Secondary schools for vocational training soon

Maybe Kuwait should take some notes from KSA. It seems the GCC countries are starting to take control of their countries from foreign workers. It's not bad to work in the private sector. My first job was at Burger King which was cool to a high school kid.

In the states Americans work all jobs. Working as a garbage man or public works fixing the streets is a city job and used to pay pretty good. If citizens would get off their high horse and realize that working in the private sector is a way of giving back to their country instead of thinking they are too good things might be different

My mom met a young Kuwaiti youth who works in Al Ghanim, she was surprised at first but then praised him for working as a salesman. Way to go little man!

Saudi Gazette - Secondary schools for vocational training soon:

"JEDDAH – The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) is setting up secondary schools for students who have completed their intermediate courses to serve as a nucleus for the creation of a generation of blue collar workers trained in different trades.

Dr. Ali Bin Nasser Al-Ghafis, Governor of the TVTC, said here Tuesday that the graduates of these secondary schools will be able to pursue their higher technical education at technical colleges.

He said the syllabi taught at these schools have been designed to produce skilled workers for various industries. These workers will gradually replace the one million skilled foreign workers in the country.

Moreover, graduates will be trained to start their own small businesses which will contribute to the country’s national economy.

Al-Ghafis said there are 35 technical colleges functioning under the corporation’s supervision teaching more than 40 specializations. This includes electronics, electricity, mechanics, environment, nutrition, communications, telecommunications, hardware, software, hotels, tourism, civil engineering and architecture. The corporation also has 14 higher technical institutes for women.

More than 78,000 male and female candidates have already applied for enrollment in the country’s technical colleges.

He said the corporation is busy constructing 50 technical colleges and 42 high technical institutes for females in the Kingdom, to be completed in 3 years. Al-Ghafis said the corporation has now started the infrastructure for 300 education projects including technical colleges and vocational institutes.

Good ideas KSA!


  1. i know many q8is who work in the private sector
    and NOT just at banks
    what's your point? do you want q8is to work at burger king? al homaizi group which owns it in kuwait doesn't hire kuwaitis unless hteir name is al homaizi
    al ghanim has a good kuwaitization program though
    the situation in ksa is totally different - they have massive unemployment - saudis would love a chance like that

  2. Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe you need a little more fiber in your diet grouch. Who said anything about banks? I know Kuwaitis who work in many private companies so chill out. There shouldn't be any places who refuse to hire citizens and if they do they should be reported. Now go to a dark place and calm down those voices in your head.

  3. I just love your wittiness and enjoying reading your blog. Accidentally I discovered you today. Two thumbs up for all the articles!

  4. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I appreciate your positive comments... keep on checking in, you never know what's next... :)


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