Sunday, August 28, 2011

I miss.......

With all the burger joints in Kuwait they still can't compare to the best burger places in Cali.....

Tommys in Los Angeles, best chili bugers. I can remember as a kid riding all the way to Los Angeles from Riverside just to eat at Tommys. We loved the weekends.

Best chili burger and fries.

The location in Los Angeles we used to go to.

Closer to home we would always hit up the local In-N-Out for the crazy mix of burgers, fries and shakes to die for. My sister got her first job working at Tommys. She told us about all the crazy types of burgers no one knows about unless you have In-N-Out experience.


Burgers. My sister told me the stories of the protein burgers that they hated making because they had to dig out the biggest pieces of lettuce. She did enjoy peeling potatoes and making fries.

Bring In-N-Out here paleeeeeease!

I'm hungry now after these pics..

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