Wednesday, August 3, 2011

THE 3 CLUB: RUN FOOT | Let's help them run for a better life

A reader brought this cause to my attention and now I'm sharing it with everyone. It's a good cause.

THE 3 CLUB: RUN FOOT Let's help them run for a better life:

"RUN FOOT Let's help them run for a better life

Dear Reader,

Most of us in kuwait live secure, healthy and comfortable lives. We can afford luxuries. While in other parts of the world, some can barely afford to eat let alone basic necessities like clothes and shoes.

Working in the sports and retail industry we noticed how often our clients and members change their shoes and purchase newer models. This brought forth the notion to collect their old shoes and send them to those who can use them.

So in the name of giving back and charity THE 3 CLUB & VIVA TELECOM are launching 'RUN FOOT' a campaign that will start in ramadan to collect used and wearable running shoes. Together with the help of the Direct Aid agency here in kuwait, we will be placing drop boxes in our local Extreme sports shops. Or if you have more than 12 pairs collected you can call us up on this number #99617983 and we'll come collect them from you.

Our aim is to collect 1000 pairs of wearable Running shoes before the end of ramadan.

'One man's trash is another's treasure'

If you want to help us collect or need more information please email us to

Thanks readers!

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