Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Princess Car Rental Agency, Mangaf- BEWARE

A lot of people rent cars and are always looking for a bargain. Since I couldn't get financed for a car because I'm American, I had to rent a car. My husband has been dealing with Princess rental agency for many years. The cars are so-so, some smell like an ashtray and others are in fair condition but they rent to almost anyone. I took a Nissan Sunny for 180 KD a month 'gasp'. I had to have one ASAP and that was one of the cheaper cars. It was my husbands decision not mine.

They have a 150 km limit on them and after that you have to pay for mileage. I got into a small fender bender and that's where the drama started. Most rental agencies replace the car while it's in the garage or being serviced, not Princess. They want to charge my husband for the Nissan and charge for the replacement rental car at the same time. The investigator at the police department said that was illegal yet they are still doing it. They also want to charge my husband for the damage knowing damn well they are fully covered by insurance. Just a little FYI for those thinking of renting cars from them. I would have rather paid more money and got a car from Autolease, at least they aren't shady.

My husband took the car to turn in and gave me his mother's jeep (with the check engine light on) and after having it for 4 days the engine died on me yesterday. It might have been cheaper to pay for a second rental car instead of paying for a new engine. Princess nightmare!


  1. Hey, girl. Sent you an email regarding this and I might be able to help you out if you're still looking for a rental. I'll follow up with my phone number as well -- I forgot to put it in the original email.

    1. Hello are you still able to help with vehicles?

  2. We are DOD suppliers and Subcontractors in Kuwait and have cars for Americans executives only. Our cars are Clean with no Milage limit and in cheap prices for long term customers. If you require any car for rent please contact us we can rent you Mitsubishi Lancer for KD 150 AND Mitsubishi Galant for KD 180. All our cars have decent options in them. For any enquiries do contact me 97269543 or email
    we can deliver the car to your house with payment and maintainance at your doorstep.

  3. I know this is old. Hope you are well. Can you still help with vehicles?


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