Sunday, December 25, 2011

Special thanks to those who donated to Operation Hope

Yesterday was another volunteer filled day at Operation Hope. It was a surprise when the driver for a sheikha came to the door and gifted Operation Hope with a generous cash donation followed by 2 other donations as well. This will help OH in paying for the blankets and warm winter clothing we got on credit. It's great to see people of the community helping out.

A big thank you for donating, it will help those less fortunate. Remember, if you cannot donate cash you can help out by donating your time and/or used items. We have been sending the majority of donations to the Philippine embassy after hearing about the flood and devastation there.

Our next project is Esther's Attic which will open in January sometime, Inshallah. We are looking for metal racks and hangers to display the clothing for Esther's Attic and maybe donations of left over clothing from sales or last season items. If anyone works for a retail company and can help out with some of these items it would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Al-Shaya hint hint!

Stay tuned!

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