Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sabah Maternity Hospital- Illegitimate baby Unit

I took the day off from work to help the ladies who go to the maternity hospital and check on the women in the illegitimate baby ward. Trying to get to the meeting place was chaotic. Driving to Kuwait City is my worst nightmare. The meeting place was in front of the Philipino Church behind the big church in Kuwait City. My mistake was taking the highway, considering it's been a few years since I've gone that way I never expected complete road closure.

The first ring road was shut down, time to take the side roads, got lost 2 times, finally after 40 minutes I reached the ladies. As we drove to the hospital they were telling me about the women. I'm not supposed to ask the women any questions and it will be a short visit. We arrived to the ward and the social worker, a nice Kuwaiti woman greeted us. The nurse unlocked the door. Inside were 20 beds and no room to walk. About 15 women were inside, 4 of them had their babies. Majority were Philipina ladies, a couple Africans and an Indian lady. Their faces lit up when we walked in. They were showing us their babies. As we brought the few donated items they immediately surrounded us trying to get the clothing.

Unfortunately the only baby clothing were too big for the newborns and there were only 2 baby blankets. I found out the Philipina lady spends 55 KD a month trying to buy toiletries for the women and items for the babies. I felt bad when there wasn't enough to go around. Being from the states I look at the situation differently than locals do. It takes two people to make a baby and they should both be held reponsible.I was told that a while back the women weren't allowed to take their babies back with them once they are deported but that it has changed some and they can take them. The lock on the door was a little surprising but here they are considered criminals and they have court cases going. I think when they go to their embassy they take their babies with them.

One father was Egyptian, another Syrian and a Sri Lankan. I don't condone this practice. But being in this country for the last 8 years has opened my eyes to the way men treat women. I have never seen a place with such sex crazed males as I have seen here. I've been followed, chased and harassed while living here as other females have I'm sure. When I read the newspaper it's full of violence, rapes, stabbing, kidnapping and murder. I hardly see any articles about criminals being sentenced. Most of the time they are aquitted.Some of the women didn't have their babies as the doctors weren't sure of their mental state and they may harm their babies. Some of them may have been raped and some have aborted their babies. This is such a taboo subject that it's pretty much hidden and taken care of on the down low. As a mother I can't help but feel the need to help the less fortunate.

There was nothing to write on so one of the women wrote a poem on a styrofoam cup. It was about a sick bird who saved itself and got better. She then started crying because it was her mother's birthday and all she wanted was to let her family know she was ok. She said she got in that position because she loved someone. I would like to know what happens to the men? Do they go to jail and get deported or is it the woman's fault? Considering this is a male dominated society I would think the blame is put on the woman. Of course I couldn't take any pictures. I'm thinking of setting up a charity for the babies. Regardless of the situation they are humans and they are the next generation. If anyone has any gently used baby clothing for newborns and would like to donate please let me know. They asked for warm baby blankets as the weather is cold now and they don't have anything for them.

My next step is the orphanage and on to the women who raise their kids in the jails. I just wish I had more time!


  1. the orphanage is very nice, very well equipped
    i've been several times
    they're very well looked after
    BTW, it isn't the 'philipino church' it the 'roman catholic' church, kuwait has an anglican, coptic, roman catholic and evangelical church

  2. also the roman catholic church has services in english, hindi and the philipino languages
    there are indian roman catholics from goa as well
    there's also another church in salwa - orthodox..

  3. I didn't even know they had such a section in the maternity hospital. How can someone volunteer?

  4. It really isn't established as of yet. We only got to spend 20 minutes with the women and there was no room in the unit to even move around. So I'm waiting for more information as to how to volunteer but they are looking for donations for the women and babies. There are however, volunteering with the Salvation Army and other organizations.

    It seems the social workers didn't want us to spend much time there. There is also an orphanage that takes volunteers, you can find them on facebook under special mothers.

  5. I never think there is a kind of thing like that happening here in Kuwait. It maybe because I'm living alone, I can say I had a quit way of life, from work place to my room. I don't go outside that much because of the weather if it is hot too much hot. Me and my friends spend time on a weekend in funaitess seaside we had lots of foods and we grilled fish. Last summer we went there every afternoon at 5 pm up to 5 am.. We make sure that it is low tide so we can go in water to search for crabs and this big squid. The size is bigger than my hand. This time im always in my room watching movie or listening a music. Since I stumble upon ur blog i started to see the other side of the world the opposite side of road I'm in. My heart is in tears so sad to accept the fact that when there is people who have everything they need there is always one who don't have anything. That in every happy faces there is sad. I can say that I'm lucky enough to live my life here like the wAy back in my home town. Thank u Lord for your guidance and please keep me safe always. I'm willing to help a someone like the way u feel for them. By the way how? My fb is

  6. i pity these women as I have been there...I also had a child without marriage in Dubai. I heard similar stories of deportation if they (authorities) found out about my pregnancy outside of marriage! I resigned immediately from work and booked the first flight I could catch to my home country in order to avoid this ordeal.
    God blessed with a child! My company did not accept my resignation and they allowed me to have an indefinite leave instead. I was back in Dubai after 11 months, but then another problem resurfaced. An illegitimate child born without the father's name and marriage certificate is not allowed to reside in an Islamic state. It breaks my heart how can this kind of society discriminate an innocent child. Anyways, life goes on. And my baby is so cute....So, hang on there ladies. And to the Kuwaiti woman helping these women, thank you and may you be more blessed!!!

  7. I would like to to donate kids clothes.. i dont use.. is there anyone who can pick it up or tell me the place were i can drop it off

  8. Great! The location is in Rumathiya, block 9, st 92 house 23. You can call Sheryl for directions at 99375613. We don't pick up items, sorry.

    1. hi... i have a 3.5 yr old daughter and expecting a boy now... can we donate clothes for all ages?? i have 2 bags
      i also have some couple of bags of my old (but good) clothes that i want to give. i wanted to give it to the evangelical church who distributes them i heard, but i dont mind giving them to this address

    2. Yes, you can donate all kinds of items that are in decent shape. Nothing goes to waste.

  9. My heart cries for the women inside that room, specially for the Angels on there hands! I'm in the same situation rite now, I got pregnant without married in Kuwait, I fall in love with a Kuwaiti man, who doesn't want responsibility, I'm brave enough to face it alone, I informed my company that I'm pregnant, because i'de been with my company for long time, they understand my situation and give me 6 months vacation promising I will have the same position when I come back to Kuwait! I been mis informed for lot of things abt this kind of situation, i did go to a doctor a private one for my monthly check up, I want my baby to be healthy, no one will ask u even a police officer while walking outside where is your husband/marriage contract, as long ur visa is valid, in the airport they will ask only paper fr your doctor, that you are safe to fly, if you can fly before people realized that your belly is growing it's better, than be in bad situation like those ladies. When I come back to Kuwait, I will contact you guys, I want to volunteer, I want to help those ladies also! May God bless u all with good heart!

  10. What Can be said of the Situation ?
    Horrendous ; alas, helpless , hapless situation !
    U N has not heard of this state of affairs ?


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