Monday, October 29, 2012

The Kuwaiti orphanage gets a Facelift

Finally the orphanage is getting help!

The orphanage in Kuwait, which is housed in an old building, has been in a dire need of
refurbishment. This is where Khair Al-Kuwait (Kuwait Welfare) Charity stepped in and started a charity project called ‘Al Nuweira’ (kind of flower). The project aims to restore and rehabilitate the orphanage and to turn it into a better place for the kids who call it home. Individuals and companies can contribute by purchasing furniture for the 50 children who currently live in the orphanage. Khair Al-Kuwait was set up to take care of the orphan children from unknown parents, which are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. “HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has donated KD 350,000 for this project only,” said Fawzi Al-Ruweishid, Member of the Board and the Head of the Establishing Committee, explaining that individuals can also participate in this project by buying the necessary furniture and building materials for the orphanage. Built in 1960, the orphanage’s building needs reconstruction. “There are many old and broken things in the orphanage that need to be replaced. We want to make the place become a real home for the kids living in it, and they should not feel as if they are living in some institution or a school,” said Al- Ruweishid, adding that there are also guests from outside Kuwait who come to visit the orphanage. “We want to show them that this is an ideal place to raise kids. Our main goal is to make every child feel that this is his own home,” he said. The Al-Nuweira project started in 2010 and has a four-phase plan.
The orphanage has 17 houses including a medical clinic, education club, and a place for the teachers and supervisors. “We have already finished the first phase in January this year, which included four houses for the children, the clinic, the theatre, and a multipurpose hall. Now we are about to finish the second phase that includes six houses for the children, a central kitchen for them, and outdoor games,” he explained. The third phase will include the construction of another six houses for the children, while the fourth phase includes the outdoor area including the courtyards between the houses. Then there will be a fifth phase which will include the rest of the buildings including the administrative one, and will cover indoors and outdoors. “We aim to unify the general appearance and look of the all the houses. We are planning to execute the third phase in February 2013, and by the end of the year we may complete the project,” he pointed out.
People who would like to donate and participate in this project may purchase some of the furniture or building materials for the children through the charity’s cooperation with IKEA and Abyat. “The reason for choosing these two stores is that they are popular and very big, so we can find most of what we need there. Also, these two stores have a variety of children’s furniture and kids’ corner and therefore, the children enjoy visiting them. We aimed to make the orphan kids choose the furniture for their rooms, so we took them shopping. We wanted them to feel that they are going out with their family,” said Al- Ruweishid. “We then made a list of the things that we still need and we have put it on a prominently displayed board at these stores. Now, the customers will be able to see it and buy the stuff mentioned therein if they would like to help,” he said. (link)

Great job! Come on people, let's help out!


  1. Hello I just wanted to say I love your blog. I'm an American married to a kuwaiti who will be moving there in a few months. Your blog is very helpful.

  2. Welcome to Kuwait! My advice is to give it at least a year before you judge the country. I cried the first year I was here. Feb will be year 9 OMG that's a long time but now I'm used to it and nothing surprises me. Anything you need let me know!

  3. Hi Cali Girl, how are you? I'm a Kuwaiti who is currently residing in the States. I just came back from San Francisco to Iowa (where I'm carrying out my writing residency). Wish I had known about you earlier, I'd have asked where to go and what to see in California lol.


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