Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sheep are freaking Expensive!

KUWAIT: Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading Company (KLTTC) announced that it imported 87,000 live Australian sheep to meet the market’s demand during Hajj and Eid Al-Adha.
KLTTC Managing Director Faisal Saud Al-Bader said that the company has taken steps to ease the difficulties of consumers in getting their sacrificial sheep on this important occasion.
Al-Bader said the company made sheep available in authorized slaughter houses for KD49 apiece. He said this has been done as the company’s responsibility to meet the needs of the consumers. He said people must slaughter their sheep in slaughter houses for public health and safety reasons.
Meanwhile, it was reported that sheep prices reached KD 150 per head, breaking all previous records. Citizens who were upset over the spiraling prices of sheep resorted to import sheep. The prices of sheep varied from KD 100 to KD 150 for local, Saudi, Jordanian and Syrian sheep. Iranian sheep are also available in the market at a hefty price, it was reported.
It was noticed that citizens were not buying sheep on Wednesday as they thought that prices would drop gradually. Goat auction also started yesterday by selling six goats for KD 140 each, which means goat will be retailed for not less than KD 150.
My husband shelled out 120 KD for a sheep and we were left with little over half of the meat once he gave some to the poor. I was thinking we should have kept it all for that amount of money but some should go to the less fortunate. My mom ended up donating 25 KD for a sheep to be killed in Yemen or somewhere in the family name. Such a shame when people can't even afford to do what is Islamically expected due to the greed of others. I wish I would have know about the 49 KD sheep beforehand but as usual those are kept secret until afterwards.
Hello Ministry people doesn't this sound like something that needs to be controlled?

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