Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kuwaiti divorces new bride when she helped Him

A Kuwaiti groom divorced his Saudi bride on their second marriage day in Saudi Arabia after considering her rude when she showed him what to do on their honeymoon.

The woman noticed her husband was confused and did not know what to do when they went to bed at night on the first day of their honeymoon.

“She calmed him down and guided him. On the next day, the groom divorced his wife and took a flight back to Kuwait on the grounds she is bold and rude,” the Saudi daily ‘Sada’ said, adding that the bride’s family decided to sue the groom on charges of defaming their daughter.

-----Nothing wrong with a little help guys!


  1. I really don't think that was the real reason... maybe he didn't like what he found

  2. Yes exactly... i guess he might not have liked the way things look like :)

  3. I do not know what's going on but many saudi woman want to marry Kuwait to get citizenship because of saudi high unemployment poor
    As for divorce yes there must be something else after all news from saudi newspaper??? to many propaganda they got.

  4. They are better off marrying Qatari citizens, Kuwaiti citizens are going broke


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