Sunday, March 4, 2018

Al Aysh Camping Supplies- Egaila

When it was cooler I wanted to get some gear to set up a 'kashta' (small camping area) in the desert but didn't know where to buy supplies. A friend of mine told me about Al Aysh for camping stuff in Qurain behinf LuLu Hypermarket. I found the store really cool and loaded with everything you would need for the desert, falcons, hunting and fishing.
I bought this kit which is filled with everything you need for your 'kashta'
 I got a rug and one of these as well

 If you need Arabic coffees or some tea there's a store that will grind it up with spices there as well

I love the place as it's filled with all kinds of stuff and the guys there are really helpful too, I only wish they had some falcons hanging out there.You can find more information on their IG which also has their google maps location which makes it a lot easier than driving all over trying to find it like I did.

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