Saturday, March 17, 2018

511 Tactical Kuwait Location

My new job requires the employees to wear tactical pants and I don't know my size to order online so we took a trip to 511 Tactical store in Al Rai. The store is loaded with all kinds of clothing, shoes, a fake horse and some buggies.

Of course the prices are high as it always seems like they take the US dollar amount and put into KD of the same amount which in reality is 3 times as much. But if your looking for some tactical wear and can't order online then take a trip to Al Rai, you can find more on their IG @5.11kuwait_tactical


  1. Seriously??? Tactical pants??? WHY???

    Hey congratulations on outranking me on the Top 25 Kuwait Blogs! :)

    1. Well, Dickies, 511 or those types. I work with airplanes now. Thanks, I wonder if that top 25 blogs is even real...haha


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