Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Ceramic House- Bait Al Ghaith (Al Ghaith House)

While exploring Salmiya areas and after visiting one of the museums (later post) I saw some lights on in the Al Ghaith house which is one of the few remaining original Kuwaiti houses left in the area. Before all of the malls and shops the area was full of old Kuwaiti houses along the sea full of alleys and simplicity. I saw a sign out front "The Ceramic House" so I stepped inside to try and find some information but no one was around.

 It looks like some kind of ceramic classes take place as I saw some unfinished pieces along with a kiln which I remember from high school ceramic classes

I really like the fact that they are reusing the house for the public so that it doesn't just sit and go to waste. The house is located on the opposite of Sharq Mall. You can find more information on Ghaith house here.

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