Thursday, October 11, 2018

Kenny Rogers Roasters Kuwait- Not the real Thing!

The last time I ate at this restaurant was around 2000 in Corona, California and we might have visited a couple of times. My friend sent me a picture of the display poster for it in City Center Salmiya so I took my mom and daughter to try it out. It's located upstairs close to KFC and boy is it hot in the restaurant, perhaps the oven heats it up.

My first impression was good until I saw the menu which was made up of some weird cocktail drinks and items that weren't American. It turns out, just like Shakey's, it's a branch from the Phillipines and not directly from USA meaning in no way is it the same.

 We ordered the meal below, my daughter opted out and got McDonald's. We expected the below to be served and unfortunately we got something that looked like a hospital meal.

Instant mashed potatoes, macaroni with no cheese and a hard cornbread cake
We talked to the 'restaurant in charge' according to his business card and told him we wanted to cancel, it was horrible food.  It tasted like 'Hawally chicken' the ones you find in the roasting box on every corner and was bland. He told us this was their soft opening and would take our feedback into consideration.

My opinion, don't even bother, it's a knock off.

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