Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Adan hospital has no printing Paper!

I went to pick up my lab report from Adan hospital. The procedure is to stand in line, no numbers, and wait for your turn. As you stand there people (Kuwaitis) cut in front of you as if you're invisible. After on lady cut in line I saw a Kuwaiti guy heading for the door so I blocked him. As my turn came I stood at the door blocking it while two Kuwaiti females tried to get inside, I told them to wait like everyone else but they pushed their way through.

When I finally got to the doctor, he scrolled through my results so fast I have no idea how he saw anything, he replied with, there's no problem. I asked for a print out of my results and he told me there's no paper for printing and that the hospital has a shortage! How can a country with so much wealth have no printing paper!

As I went on a search for paper I ran into a guy wearing a MOH badge and I asked him how is there a shortage of paper? He might not have understood what I said but the Egyptian doctor with him translated. He called an office guy over and after 5 minutes I got my test results on a double sided paper as not to waste I guess.

As much money as the MOH collects from expats they can't afford paper? I know the problem stesm from the law makers having no idea what is going on as I doubt they have ever visited a government clinic and know nothing about common problems. People who really care would visit random hospitals under cover and see what goes on, this is the only way to truly address the theft of drugs, no bed sheets, paper shortage, the front hospital doors open letting the heat in, patients in beds having to be wheeled through the middle of the hospital, men coming into the female observation unit and many other issues they have no clue about.

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