Thursday, October 11, 2018

Advertising Etiquette- no Bueno!

UPDATE: For the hater that responded below with threats of police stations etc, first of all, don't hide, if you want to make threats then say who you are. Second of all, the point of this post is when businesses send out invitations etc, they should know how to write an email which includes details of their offers. If the offer is not to try out their brand and only to offer a 20% savings so should be stated from the beginning. This bullying and threats are one of the reasons I don't blog as much anymore. I can't be bothered with someone who can't understand English taking things wrong and then coming after me.

This is not the first or the last time there will be threats and as other bloggers have been dragged to court and sued, I guess it's hard to understand that everyone has their own opinion and may not like your business so instead of crying, suing and threatening suck it up and move on.

As bloggers we are always receiving invitations to businesses and for me I don't mind promoting local businesses, this blog is a hobby not an income which is one of the reasons I don't blog as much as I used to.

I received this invitation from a certain company using the exact words 'host you' twice in the email so I asked a few friends to join me and I messaged them to set up a date. The response I got from the whatsapp was completely different than the email. Who ever is behind the whatsapp account is clearly more rude.

I was trying my best to respond in a nice way but I was pissed off in the end. Most 'influencers' on social media charge hundreds and thousands of KD's to show up and here I am taking time out to try out their business and this is the tone I get?  I bet they won't love my blog any more after this post! The good thing about having a free blog, I get to say what I feel and I don't have to censor myself because I am getting paid.


  1. This has been documented and a police report will be filed against you for defamation. Your account as a fact is full of attacks on many stores. Nowhere in the text you show it is mentioned what you claim and the only rudeness in the whole blog is clear. I've never seen TeamEscape calling the so called social media bloggers and pay them money to review and play and I have no idea who you think yourself.

    1. First of all, don't threaten me behind an unknown name, if you have something then put your real name up there and not hide. Second of all no where does it say anything about getting paid, it says a lot of companies pay influencers. This is all about advertising and how companies should deal with requests. You can say what you want about my blog, I don't care, I'm not going to suck up to any one.

      How do you know they don't pay anyone money? Who said anything about getting paid?

      FYI- defamation is when someone slanders the company and causes them loss, you moron.

      It's obvious English is not your first language so you wouldn't understand the concept anyways.

      I dare you to reveal your true identity!

  2. Don't want to reveal who I am, but I have a small blog and do get invitations from time to time. Recently, a new fairly restaurant in Kuwait invited me to visit. That's awesome and I was excited about it. I later on found out that the invite was only for one person and I'd have to pay for anyone I took along with me. What's the point? Do they really think I'm going to come alone? I don't want to come across as a little princess who expects all this free stuff to come to me, no, that isn't me at all, but really? So I'd have to spend money from my pocket in order to review this restaurant. I'm just going to leave it for the moment.

    1. I feel ya, the point of this post was to remind businesses to include their offer in detail. That way a blogger will decide to accept or not.

      I know that a lot of these 'influencers' bring a whole team of photographers and friends, I sit and watch the ridiculous Hollywood film making thinking, wow is this actually happening.

      I had an invite to view the new phase of the Avenues and I figured it wouldn't be a problem if I brought someone with me to walk around the place, sadly I was told no the other person cannot join the tour and she had to wait out in the mall for 2 hours.

      I make sure I ask before the event if I can bring someone along as to not embarrass that person joining me.


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