Thursday, June 20, 2019

Deliveroo - my first Experience

UPDATE: I used their service to order Shake Shack and I wasn't disappointed, it was cool watching the driver as he got closer to the house. Definitely will use it again, the burgers were good but the fries were sad, it's better to have Shake Shack fresh.

The other night hanging out with friends they wanted to order burgers so I suggested Five Guys which are only on the Deliveroo app. I've always used Talabat so this was a new experience, I downloaded the app and chose our items, added the credit card number and submitted it. It was late, around 12:30 am or so when I ordered but according to the app our order was being prepared.

We waited for around 45 minutes, the app said it was processing and the money had been taken from the account as well. I decided to check Five Guys on Google and realized they closed at 1 am but the order said being processed. I called Deliveroo company and no one answered as they close at 11 pm.
After an hour I cancelled the order and had to order Hardee's which took another hour to get there and was cold, wet and just gross.

The next day I called Deliveroo and they were aware of the problem, the operator told me they had contacted Five Guys and gave them a warning about what they did, they should not process orders if they can't fill them and if they did it again they will have a problem. I told him it was my first time using the app and he said he was concerned about their reputation as well.  I asked him what the company will do, they really did mess up our night and he told me he would credit me. Later on I saw that he had credited my account with 5 KD which was really nice of them.

I will use that credit and hopefully the next order will be a better experience. As for Five Guys, I hope they fix this problem and won't let another customer be disappointed.

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