Saturday, June 22, 2019

Arabella- On the verge of Closing?

A friend of mine told me about restaurants closing in Arabella during Eid so I went to check it out and see what had closed. It looks like Five Guys and Futur Kids have opened up, maybe not a good thing considering Al Shaya has closed all of their restaurants, Cheesecake Factory, Texas Roadhouse and Pei Wei as well as Starbucks and Pinkberry leaving the plaza almost completely empty of any places to eat.

My friend's daughter had mentioned that Radisson Blu which is next door may want to take over this location? Everyone knows how horrible their parking area is and what a narrow place to try to get in and out of. Has anyone heard of what's going on? Here's my post on Arabella when it first opened, what a difference!


  1. My guess would be they are headed to Gulf Road in the old Chilies building or in one of the places that closed down.

    1. Same thing I was thinking, they are working on the new Chili's building by Green Island so hopefully soon one will be near the beach again.


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