Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ice skating rink in Kuwait City

I took the kids to the ice skating rink so they can have the old school experience before it is torn down to make way for a new phase of Al Shaheed Park. From what I've heard it will be replaced with a concert hall and new ice skating rink, I wonder how much the fees will be then?

If you bring a child with you that doesn't want to skate they still charge you 3KD.

 The first time I came to Kuwait in 2003 I attended a Kuwait Miami concert held here and it was super cool, I miss the old days when life was more simple in Kuwait.

 There are two rinks, one for professionals, when we visited the Kuwaiti women's team were warming up there which made it scary for the beginners so we moved to the smaller rink down the hall.

McDonald's is closed so there is no food or drinks in the facility but the ice cream man out front is available. I suggest visiting before it's gone and if you're a history buff then I suggest taking a drive around Kuwait and photograph what remains of the old locations as it looks like all the old buildings and businesses are slowly being torn down and soon there will be nothing left but memories.

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