Tuesday, June 18, 2019

McDonald's seaside Closed, the first in Kuwait

Sadly another landmark restaurant closed today, this time it's McDonald's. After 25 years and the first to open in Kuwait it has fallen to modern times, soon enough no one will recognize Kuwait.

Just like Shaab Park fell to upgrade the area now it's McDonald's turn, they too have fallen victim to the Touristic Enterprises completed lease agreement and it will soon turn into an empty ruin like Shaab Park. Of course the excuses used to justify closing every form of entertainment in Kuwait is to "build something new and exciting" but what has been done? Has Entertainment City had any kind of renewal? NOPE! Has Shaab Park turned into a touristic attraction? Hell No! What is left?

Someone needs to really step in and assess the situation that is running wild! What is there left to do in Kuwait?????? Avenues? Eating out? It all gets old after a while!

I took my kids to the ice skating rink today to they could experience it before that too is torn down by the people of Shaheed Park who want to tear it down only to rebuild some kind of concert hall and new ice skating rink. The whole seaside of Kuwait is being closed down to build what? MORE RESTAURANTS??????

Chili's will become a Starbucks so what will McDonald's become? At least Al Shaya has a vision for his take over but Touristic Enterprises just want to take the land that was once useless and is now worth millions and do what with it??? Someone tell me please what will they do with all of this land??

Without vision Kuwait WILL NEVER BECOME A TOURIST SPOT! Even little Qatar has an awesome touristic website and Kuwait has this which froze my computer. I have to say it looks better that it used to. It's funny they list parks and recreation but show no pictures.

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