Sunday, September 8, 2019

Kuwait School Fees 2019

From what I've heard the Ministry of Education put a stop to rising school fees, only one of the schools from the 2018 LIST has increased their fees:

The English Playgroup
Last year 2018 fees
Here are the links to the schools from last year:

Kuwait American School
American School of Ahmadi
American United School
International British School
Cambridge English School

Some new ones:
American German School
Canadian Bilingual School
American International School
Kuwait National English School
The English Academy
Al Bayan Bilingual
AlGhanim Bilingual School
American Academy for Girls
American Creativity Academy

Not all of the schools make it easy and list their school fees.
The British School of Kuwait
Future Bilingual School

I hope the MoE keeps the fee increase on hold, if not those schools would raise their fees every single year until parents are unable to keep their family with them and have to send them back home. I paid for 3 kids to graduate here so I know how difficult it is to make ends meet when rent and school are 75% of your salary and the education they get does not account for the price. To me most of the schools are just baby sitting kids for 3000 KD a year.

Here's a link to school fees in 2013-2014 if you're curious.

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