Wednesday, July 21, 2010

99.7- Can it be Fixed?

When a westerner comes to Kuwait the first thing they want to find is an English radio station. Of course the only one is 99.7. When I came 6 years ago it wasn't so bad but recently it has gone down the toilet. I hate when people laugh at their own jokes and the jokes aren't even funny. Everyday driving to work at 6:30 a.m. I would have to listen to Linda the morning DJ. Most people who drive to work in the morning are adults, right? Unfortunately the morning ride has been overtaken by kids. Each and every day for a year I had to listen to Linda send shout outs from cupcake on bus 41 saying hello to fruitcake on bus 3.

Everyday Linda would play that Taylor Swift Romeo and Juliet song followed by some Justin Beiber crap. All the while talking about lame crap and nonsense. Then comes the weather with Hani. Half of the time you can't understand what he's saying. Within the last couple of months Linda took on a side kick who puts the 'A' in LAME. Now he does the 'Night Ride' which should be called the 'Night ride from hell'. I think he hooks up his iPod and plays his greatest hits list. From Michael Jackson to the BeeGees. Prime time when everyone is out and about he plays the worst music. He tries so hard to be cool and speak English but ends up sounding lame and geeky.

There's also one guy who used to DJ, I forgot his name but he had a monotone voice with no pitch. He sounded like to hated his life and was forced on air playing heavy metal and rock from a long time ago. A few years ago there was a Puerto Rican chick named Latina Mina although she was annoying at times I really enjoyed Reggaeton and Cumbia. The music made you want to dance. Too bad she was drunk on air and cussed out some chick not knowing the mic was on. She was fired and deported. I listen to Arabic music and some of the local stations but why do all the Arab guys sound so gay? I like 88.5, I think that's the one? It's and Arab station that used to have 2 Lebnani chicks and a guy. They were dorks but funny as hell.

Usually when I drove home from work at 5 they would play the best mix of English music. That DJ was really good. I think prime time should have the top ten music played instead of putting people to sleep with music from the 70's. I like my oldies but only when I'm in the mood. Not on a weekend when you are going out and want to get pumped with some good music instead you hear music your mother once danced to. Most of the time when I go out at night I force myself to listen to 99.7 and the night ride but end up turning it off. Guess I will have to stick to my iPod and my own mix until someone takes over the radio station and turns it into something great.


  1. I agree! It's crazy!

  2. tune in to 96.9 VoA, just avoid their drive-back coz its "special english".

    and for the record, the majority of kuwait, not including u, grew up listening to Linda, she is a staple in radio, for me, from yr 1 all the way to now, 20 years later.

    u should run ur own radio show :)

  3. stick to the ipod , that girl is simply annoying!

  4. I love that when I get into a taxi they assume because I'm white (American, Canadian, British...whatever) that I enjoy listening to gang banging, pimp daddy, yo, yo, f-u, I don't respect the world rap or R&B.

    One of the positive things about living in Kuwait is I don't have to listen to that American trash they call 'music' & I don't have to hear the bump & grind of lowered, pimped out cars blaring crappy music. Now I know there are some of these cars, but for the most part it's soooo few & far between.

  5. People who work for the radio stations don't get paid very much that's one reason why I wouldn't work there and I'd have to be bleeped a lot for using certain words. I'm sorry that people in Kuwait had to grow up with her. But she's the only one who would stick around for that long. Some people get comfortable with a job and never leave, I however have couldn't work in an environment where there is no room to grow only to sit in front of a mic and promote new products with cheesy commercials and horrible acting. I'm glad I'm not included in that majority.

  6. I've been here 14 years and the answer to your question is NO - it can't be fixed. It is a Government-run radio station (need I say more?)

    Don't think you're going to employ professional DJs on a less than 500 KD month salary.

    Usually announcers/newscasters/weather people leave school and gain job experience from seasoned professionals who know the industry. In Kuwait... they are left to fend for themselves.

    I think Linda took over the weather as Hani couldn't get out of bed in the morning.

  7. My young daughter (8yrs) who travels to school in bus for 45min, is a gr8 fan of Linda. She got soo upset by reading your blog since Taylor is her fav. This clearly shows that linda's program is loved by kids only.

    An Indian Engineer

  8. I usually play my own collection of music

  9. lolz @ "Each and every day for a year I had to listen to Linda send shout outs from cupcake on bus 41 saying hello to fruitcake on bus 3."
    question, who's da new DriveBack DJ? I really like her show n da songz she playz?

  10. I have listen to the morning show since 1995 and I find the show very nice. I know it may be annoying for you, but I like the morning show and the night ride from 7pm to 9pm.


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